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Awareness & growth

Unfolding potential through dialogue

My motivation

I enjoy the collaborative process of developing awareness, enhancing performance, making changes, unfolding a deeply felt purpose and direction. Every person and situation is unique so we co-create a coaching process with joint responsibility. Coaching can unfold unrealised potential. I find it very rewarding to see someone facing their struggles, find a new way through, gain a new vision, confidence, and empowered sense of purpose. Facilitating such a process is an art, an honour, and a pleasure.


It’s not always easy to work out what you really want in life. Awareness and balance yield energy. Coaching can clarify confusion, and develop a very personal sense of purpose.


Doing what you love in a conducive situation you can flow with a seemingly effortless creativity. Coaching can help unblock thoughts, feelings, and situations that impede flow.


Inhabiting your body, in flow, gaining a mastery over your situation, you embody presence. A coaching dialogue can cultivate conditions for personal presence.

Dan has a natural warmth, intelligence and sincerity with a genuine desire to see his clients succeed.



My definition of coaching

Coaching is a dialogue empowering a person to develop awareness, grow, make changes, take responsibility, and attain fulfilment.

My coaching values

Interdependence. Openness. Awareness. Responsibility.

My coaching philosophy

I am grounded in basic trust. I hold a holistic view of a person in the world as a whole being full of potential to grow, adapt, and live a fulfilling life.

My wish is for you to feel valued, empowered, effective, successful, happy, and fulfilled; and to be able to feel responsible for living a satisfying, enjoyable life.

I see coaching as a dialogic process of unfolding unrealised potential.

I could not praise Dan’s work highly enough. I started coaching with Dan about one year and half ago. Without any doubt, it has been one of the best decisions I have taken for my professional life and for myself!

Mary Joanna

Strategic Digital Marketing Executive


My coaching practice grew from over 6 years psychological training for the awards of Diploma in Gestalt and Diploma in Integrative psychotherapeutic counselling, extended by coaching skills and training workshops.

What is coaching?

I see coaching as an opportunity for supportive, encouraging, occasionally challenging, and always empowering self-directed development of awareness, growth, and change.

Professionals, creatives, people seeking change and growth may use coaching for

  • Performance at work, on a project, or a business
  • Focus, purpose, and direction
  • Alignment of values and commitments
  • Work/life balance
  • Managing conflict, crisis, and negotiating stressful situations
  • Personal productivity and effectiveness
  • Career change, direction, or development
  • Transitions and times of personal change
  • Motivation and self-belief
  • Returning to work after a break
  • Developing interpersonal awareness and skills
  • Personal-professional identity, vision, meaning, and achievement

What value does coaching offer?

The value of coaching lies is in facilitating the unfolding of unrealised potential.

What benefits does coaching offer?

Coaching can facilitate greater awareness, improve performance, enhance relationships, improve team dynamics, increase confidence, self-direction, and resilience, and develop capacity and resources for attaining fulfilment.

Coaching can bring change and growth

Often people come to coaching at a time of stress, crisis, change, or confusion. At the start it can seem that coaching is about difficult experiences. This can change.

Coaching can be an exciting, empowering, and creative process offering a brief yet pivotal means to facilitating the change or development you are reaching for at this moment in your career or life.

Working with Dan has thrillingly revealed to me my own forgotten values, skills and beliefs at a pivotal point in my life, enabling me to once again understand my own potential and believe in the possibility of a wonderful future.


Creative professional

My role as a coach

I see my role as a coach as supporting, encouraging, and providing tools and frameworks for a person to develop awareness, grow, make changes, and take responsibility for attaining fulfilment.

As a coach I

  • will be available as a supportive presence at agreed intervals
  • will offer a safe, confidential, space for a coaching dialogue
  • will unfold an inquiry and a dialogue into what matters to you
  • will ask open questions
  • will encourage you to stay focused on the matter in hand
  • may co-design commitments with you
  • will hold the coaching relationship within ethical guidelines

I believe it is up to the client to

  • set the agenda
  • ask for the support you need
  • take responsibility
  • choose what action to take
  • be accountable for outcomes

How I work

Coaching can be a brief six session process, sometimes longer.

Each process is co-designed to a client’s needs and circumstances.

Everything is completely confidential.


I work within the ethical guidelines of the UK Association for Coaching.


Coaching unfolds within a safe, confidential working relationship, focused on what you want to work on. As a coach I provide support, encouragement, appropriate challenge, and maintain focus. The process is an open inquiry, flexible, dynamic, responding to change and outcomes in between-session experience.


Coaching is a dialogue, an inquiry into what matters to you. You decide the focus of the coaching session.


A coaching session may involve awareness raising exercises. It can help to commit, between sessions, to actions for change.


Optionally, if asked for, I might offer:

  • awareness exercises like role play
  • psychological tests
  • feedback on personal style

I usually work for 90 minute sessions.

  • 90 minutes

also possible

  • One hour, especially for longer term work.
  • Planned short phonecalls
  • One day intensive, or workshop formats
  • Your place of work, where possible, in a booked meeting room.
  • A booked venue.
  • Skype.
  • Phonecall.

A fortnightly cadence allows time to reflect, assimilate, and apply what happens in the coaching session. Sessions could be held:

  • Single session intensive
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly typically
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly

The duration of coaching process is driven by you as we go along.

  • 2 hours
  • 6 weeks
  • 6 months
  • 2 years

…it depends.

90 minutes £120
60 minutes £80
Phone call, 20 min+ £25 (minimum charge)
All day intensive or workshop days By arrangement

A joint agreement is formed to start coaching. I will state my commitment, ethical guidelines, and terms and conditions.

  • You can end coaching at any time.
  • I ask for at least a week’s notice.
  • A planned closing session to reflect on the process is the best way to end.

I invite you to inquire

  • message me with this form
  • call the number below

We can discuss your coaching needs briefly, with no obligation to continue.

If you like we can arrange an initial session. I charge for the first session as we typically form a plan and make a start.

London based, digitally global

I am based in central London. I have coached people from California to Camden.

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