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Dan Taarin

innovate great digital products & inform strategy with reliable user insight

I discover essential user insights to help digital product designers craft user experiences that fit best with customer expectations


Across channels, networks, touchpoints, & devices, understand your users needs, attitudes, behaviours, and the context of use of the product you are launching.

Involve users in defining journeys, scenarios, tasks, and UX concepts.


Innovate by involving users directly in iterative design experiments.

Involve users in rapid prototyping design concepts.


Ensure your product user experience is delightful, usable, & fit for purpose.

Test the usability of your user journeys & interface elements.


Analytics for UX performance measurement against your KPIs.

Remote research for qualitative insight into UX performance.




Field research




Social network

Expert review

Broad or narrow UX evaluation

5 key lenses

A range of heuristics

Competitor analysis

Evaluate your key competitors’ products & services

Research workshops


Participatory design

Concept evaluation

Focus groups

Workshop design

Co-design UX or research workshops


UX strategy

Given your business strategy & customer expectations, define a direction for UX design & delivery


Experience mapping

Card sorts

Task analysis


IA, IxD, iterative prototyping

Information architecture

Interaction design

Iterative prototyping for UX concept design

Mentoring & training

Mentoring your team to run user research


  • Mastering research methods
  • Analysis of findings
  • Reporting to effect change
Remote testing

Qualitative & quantitative

User journey

Usability test

Tree test, Click test, Card sort

Analytics & measurement

Analytics for UX performance and effectiveness

Navigation, user journeys, screen behaviours, features

Co-define measures and analytics

Configure and report

Video & presentation

Video reporting

Presentation for design strategy

Research findings with impact

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Instead of guessing which product user experience propositions will succeed, find out. Meet your users, understand their behaviours & expectations, focus design effort on desirable & effective user experience.

Benefits of Design Research

identify conversion & engagement issues

Identify user needs, attitudes, behaviour, language, emotion and more.

Get stakeholder & team buy-in; focus & prioritise design direction.

Evidence the best product UX fit for your customers.

Find out how to improve

  • conversion
  • engagement
  • retention
  • connection

Innovate by identifying unmet needs & scenarios.

Shape persuasive & trustable communications and experiences.

Optimise user experience concepts & designs.

Save time & money, gain confidence you are designing needed features in expected ways.

innovate or optimise for best product—customer fit

Analytics can show you have an issue, where it is, and how much of a problem it is. Qualitative research can identify what the problem is with a user experience design, why it matters, and how to fix it.

Recently I have lead, managed, or delivered user research for


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Dan Taarin

Dan Taarin

Design Research for UX Design Strategy

Since 1997 I have been involved in the user experience design of digital businesses, services, and products.

I bring a distinctive mix of depth psychology, business acumen, UX design experience, and research skills.

From designing a new consumer bank, to optimising the micro-experience design of a globally used search engine, I have a breadth and depth of experience in designing successful user experiences for media, retail, mobile telecoms, finance, public sector, publishing, and small business and organisations.

I now focus primarily on involving users and user insight in the process of defining product and UX design strategy.

Slideshare: Empathy for the customer

Dan’s passion and determination are infectious, and were an invaluable asset when times got tough. Use him if you can get him.

Steven Brunt

Strategic Analyst, Central Office of Information

Dan is a great user researcher, helping my team plan user research based on both user and business priorities. Dan advised and mentored our team on user research best practice, as well as working beyond the call of duty to deliver results on time and budget.

Yael Levey

Senior UX Designer, BBC

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Who are you designing for?

Who are your customers, your product or service users?

What’s your most pressing digital business challenge?

What do you need to find out?

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